The Person and the Landscape by Francesca Dalla Benetta and Natasha Gray

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Mexico City: the neo surrealist characters of Francesca Dalla Benetta join the visual poetry of Natasha Gray.

THE PERSON AND THE LANDSCAPE will remain in the Space and Place Gallery until Saturday March 4, 2017.

Within the framework of the art week in Mexico, the Italian sculptor Francesca Dalla Benetta and the Mexican painter Natasha Gray present us an exquisite collaboration where their visions and talents join to present an exhibition with a mysterious and suggestive atmosphere.

Francesca, based in Mexico since 2006, has been dedicated to developing characters that show themes common to the human being, such as self perception, intimacy, masks as fiction in life and dreams as a reflection and paradigm of living. Her sources of inspiration are reality and human behavior within the context of dreams.
Her sculptures propose hybrid figures, bizarre, with nostalgic and dreamy attitudes, characterized by anatomies fused between human and animal, and mineral or vegetable textures.

Natasha, deeply influenced by the experience of having been camping in the open air for eight years, has developed a sensitivity for nature and landscapes where life goes, palpable in each of her works. For her, human emotions are manifested through trees, branches, birds, mountains or clouds. In her work, completely depopulated from the human figure, all the possibilities that the human being can generate are opened up. Trying to convey emotions such as hope, strength and kindness, Natasha resorts to the use of varied techniques such as painting, wire or textiles, carefully choosing the precise language to communicate in each piece.

The sample consists of approximately 25 pieces; Sculptures of medium format placed in dialogue with the work of wall resulting in a reality where everything is possible.

Gallery Espacio y Lugar is located in

Cerrada de Monte Líbano 12 C
Lomas de Chapultepec
Ciudad de México, 11000


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