Paola Estrella: Chevere Artist Highlight | Art Basel Miami Week 16

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Meet Paola Estrella

Estrella was born in Mexico. After graduating as a Graphic Designer from University IBERO in México city, she studied fine arts in Florence, Itlaly and mixed media in Central Saint Martins, London, UK. Her figurative works combine a realistic style with broad painterly strokes and varied textures, morphing images phase in and out of figuration, suggesting a spiritual, ethereal ambiguity in each painting as she freely combines traditional methods with digital tools.

Even though Estrella´s style of choice has been mixed media, recently she has been working with alternative techniques such as performance and video that have made her go beyond her field of expression. In her process she explores the physical, the emotional and the aesthetic aspects of the human figure, as well as the mystical and the ethereal.

Paola Estrella currently lives and works in México City, she emphasizes personal liberty and acknowledgement of self through works that both depict principles of freedom and evolution of thought and honestly convey questions of human image.

During November 2015 she was part of the project Liquid Rooms which took place in Venice, Italy, in which artists from more than 10 diferent countries exhibitied work related to the body language. At the begining of 2016, she organized a collective exhibition with 5 other women artists (painters, poets, contemporary dancers and photographers) with the purpose of presenting deep points fo view that represent being a woman in this contemporary society. A selection of her art works has been chosen recently to be part of the Guanajuato Contemporary Art Collection 2016. Estrella continues exhibiting her work in Mexico, Europe and U.S.A.

On View at “Chevere” | Art Basel Miami Week 2016


Entre Capas | photography and mixed media | 32 x 40 inches | 2016

“A body incarnates various and contradictory ideas, it is nature and truth, and at the same time it’s loaded with concepts that change with time. As much as the naked body may seem to have little to hide, it is also trying to conceal as much as it can. It is this duality; this mystery that keeps me going and makes me want to go further down the rabbit hole: I want to fully expose the body beyond what it appears to be.” Paola Estrella

About Chevere

Sirona Fine Art and Poets Artists Magazine present nearly 60 masterly skilled paintings, drawings, photographs and sculpture from the Americas and Europe by some of the most accomplished representational artists exploring the theme of “chévere”… Latin American for “Cool”! Over a dozen artists will be in attendance to meet the public!

“Chévere” curated by Didi Menendez and Sergio Gomez, manifests as an issue of Menendez’s PoetsArtists Magazine, and as an exhibition at Sirona Fine Art. Menendez herself is a Cuban expatriate. Some of the participating artists are from Latin America, others not. Therefore some of the artists draw on memory and experience of their own countries and peoples, and others on their encounters with cultures foreign to their own, and others still on imagination and images cobbled together from film and art and literature. The project becomes a great act of communion and empathy, a celebration of being together.”

“CHÉVERE” Group Exhibition. Opening Reception on Saturday, December 3rd from 6-9pm. 

An Artists Panel discussion begins at 6pm, sponsored by Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine. 

The exhibition will be on view from November 3, 2016 through February 3, 2017 at Sirona Fine Art – a grand showcase for artists who embrace classic structure, yet have an understanding and facility within the modernist landscape. Located in The Village at Gulfstream Park, 600 Silks Run #1240 in Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009. RSVP for the Opening Reception: See and learn more at or call (954) 454-9494.

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Sergio Gomez is a Chicago-based visual artist and creative entrepreneur. He is owner and Director of 33 Contemporary Gallery, Director of Exhibitions at the Zhou B. Art Center, founder of and Amplified Art Network, Creative Consultant for Idea Seat Marketing & Advertising, Contributor for Italia Arte Magazine, and curator and producer of the National Wet Paint MFA Biennial. In 2014, Sergio co-founded the program Art NXT Level to help artists manage thier careers.

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