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Identity and personhood in the hands of Alejandra Zermeño – Episode 133

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A conversation with Mexico City artist Alejandra Zermeño about her early days, establishing her art career, identity, personhood in her work and helping victims of the 2017 Mexico City earthquake.


About Alejandra Zermeño

Born in Mexico City on December 21st, 1978. Conducts studies in Visual Arts Degree with an average position in the High Academic Performance Program at the Academy of San Carlos, UNAM. From 2006 to 2008 she completes her Master studies with honors in the same Institution. Zermeño´s interests have been since her beginners, the human body exploration. Her prolific art production has been present in more than 50 collective exhibitions and National and International Biennale, which include: Latin Views Biennale, Connecticut (2014- 2012-2010). International Tokyo’s Prize, Centro Diffusione Arte, Edizioni e Promozioni Artiche. Italy-Tokyo (2011). Art Women International Encounter, National Polytechnic (2011). Nord Art Busseldorf, Germany (2011). Description of a Journey,  US and Canada (2010-2012).  XIV Iberoamerican and International Women Arts Encounter, Madrid (2010). Art al Vent VII, Alicante; Spain.

She has 15 solo exhibitions in Mexican galleries and museums, some of them are: “Cellular physiology”, Chavez Morado Gallery, Guanajuato (2015); “Cherchez la Femme”, Women´s Museum (2014) y “BIDA (Internal Biology of Animals)” Chopo´s Museum (2012). Her work belong to José Vasconcelos Public Library, Presidential Project it is called City of Books, Zermeño produced three sculptures which are exhibited in the Castro´s Leal Collection in collaboration with the renown architect Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta. This artwork was commissioner by Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes in 2012. Her sculptures could be seeing all over the Mexican Republic thanks to Taktile Project in 2016. In 2016 she was invited to the ESSARTS International Sculpture Symposium  to produce a public sculpture in Quebec, Canada.

She has received several awards, fellowships and honors, which include:  1er Acquisition Prize V International Biennale Sacred Contemporary Art, Monterrey (2015). International Tokyo´s Prize: To the Master of Arts, Japan (2011). Honorific Mention V National Art Biennale, Yucatán (2011).First prize National paint and sculpture contest, Women in Arts (2009). Acquisition Prize I International Biennale Sacred Contemporary Art (2008) Monterrey. In 2007 won the contest Open art and the Annual Contest organized by Leopoldo Flores University Museum in Mexico State.

Alejandra Zermeño was invited in 2016 to be part of the Arts & Letters Council of the Mexican Museum in San Francisco, CA.

Website: http://www.alejandrazermeno.net

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zermeno.alejandra/

Sergio Gomez is a Chicago-based visual artist and creative entrepreneur. He is owner and Director of 33 Contemporary Gallery, Director of Exhibitions at the Zhou B. Art Center, founder of VisualArtToday.com and Amplified Art Network, Creative Consultant for Idea Seat Marketing & Advertising, Contributor for Italia Arte Magazine, and curator and producer of the National Wet Paint MFA Biennial. In 2014, Sergio co-founded the program Art NXT Level to help artists manage thier careers.

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