Artist Christybomb Debuts at SCOPE | Miami Art Basel Week 2016

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About Christybomb

Christy Lee, better known as Christybomb, is a visual artist based out of New York City. The “Christybomb” moniker was given to her by friends because of the energy and vivaciousness embodied within her art. She was born in Louisville, Kentucky and graduated from the University of North Florida with a bachelor’s degree in biology and a minor in public health. In spite of her research biologist training, she ultimately came to the realization that creating art could be more than a hobby. She was inspired to create a completely self-taught portfolio of work, which resulted in her acceptance into the prestigious MFA Fine Arts program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Her artistic creations draw inspiration from the happiness, innocence and youthful fantasies of her childhood, like Candyland, Hello Kitty and Willy Wonka. At the same time, her work is also influenced by over-the-top trends and looks of avant-garde fashion, cosplay and drag queens.

In reaction to the monotony and shortcomings of conventional painting, an important aspect of her work involves incorporating unconventional materials such as string, rope, yarn, wire, pipe cleaners, plastic straws and Swarovski crystals. She then further embellishes all of that with flashes and accents of glitter, pom-poms, googly eyes, beads, sequins, broken glass and metal spikes, among other ingredients.

The idea of making something out of nothing—with ingredients that are largely frivolous or even throwaway in nature—fascinates her no-end and influences her work. Her purpose in all this is to create circus-like mosaics that are textural, colorful, bright and bold—electric kaleidoscopes of layers, colors and materials—radiating heat, excitement and vitality.

One of the more significant accomplishments of her formal education was bringing glitter and other craft materials to academia, and exhibiting them in academic spaces. Her art practice has developed in such a way that she now pulls from her scientific background, her self-taught art training, as well as from her academic, traditional artist education. It is the marriage of these aspects of her background and personality that have resulted in her unconventional style.

Since then, she has shown both at major art fairs and in international exhibitions as well as having completed large commissions for public spaces. Her work has been acquired by major private collections and a foreign museum.

SCOPE Miami Beach

She will be exhibiting her work at SCOPE Miami Beach 2016 with Art Ponte, a daughter gallery of Jankossen, Booth #B23. The dates for SCOPE are Nov 29 – Dec 4, located on the sands of Miami Beach:

SCOPE Miami Beach Pavilion
801 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


© 2016 // 20″ x 20″
Mixed media on canvas


© 2016 // 64″ x 57″
Mixed media on canvas


Aqueous Humor
© 2015 // 17″ x 17″
Mixed media on panel

Sergio Gomez is a Chicago-based visual artist and creative entrepreneur. He is owner and Director of 33 Contemporary Gallery, Director of Exhibitions at the Zhou B. Art Center, founder of and Amplified Art Network, Creative Consultant for Idea Seat Marketing & Advertising, Contributor for Italia Arte Magazine, and curator and producer of the National Wet Paint MFA Biennial. In 2014, Sergio co-founded the program Art NXT Level to help artists manage thier careers.

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