Amplified Art Network is an organized group of art professionals from around the world. The number one goal of the network is to amplify the projects of its members to an international audience by sharing information, ideas, resources, business initiatives, marketing efforts and providing opportunities for international exchanges and collaborations.

Amplified Art Network was founded by Sergio Gomez of Chicago as way to bring together a group of visionary like-minded individuals (Amplifiers) from around the world who are creating art communities, curating innovative projects, managing art spaces or launching physical or virtual art platforms. Each member provides opportunities for collaboration with one another.

Contributors (Authors)

Roberto Alborghetti

Milan, Italy


Professional reporter, author and visual artist, Roberto Alborghetti lives in Bergamo (Milan area, Italy). He worked in magazines and newspapers and produced Tv documentaries. He has written about forty books (biographies, interviews, stories). His most recents best-selling volumes are “Francesco”(published in Italy by Velar-Elledici, large format, two special editions) and “Quando il giorno era una freccia” (published by AGeSC). His upcoming book (February 2016) is “Nessuno resti indietro”.

Editor in chief of magazines concerning didactic, education, edutainment and media literacy, he leads workshops and conferences. He has won important journalism Prizes, such as Premio Acqui , Premio Beppe Viola, Premio Anmil Safety in Work. He is the unique Italian reporter who received the European Award for Environmental Reporting, the so called European “Pulitzer” about Environmental Reporting (1992,European Parliament, Strasbourg).

He created “LaceR/Actions”, a multidisciplinary project concerning researches about decomposed and torn publicity posters, natural cracks and scratches, urban/industrial tokens. Abstract and macro photos of the world around us – the so called “imperfections” – are transferred on canvases, reproduced on lithographic prints or textiles, re-built on collages or scanned in videoclips,

In a “booklet-portfolio” – “Lacer/actions, Pics of torn (publi)city – Roberto presented a selection of pictures chosen among 80.000 pics that he took so far around the globe. In July 2010, 30.000 people visited his show “The Four Elements of LaceR/Actions” at Oriocenter (Milano Bergamo Orio International Airport).

“The Huffington Post” (September 2011) wrote about his artwork devoted to Nine Eleven Fallen; article by dr. Srini Pillay, Psychiatrist, Harvard clinician, brain imaging researcher, executive coach and author. One of his works was selected to be part of the new Contemporary Art Museum projected and created in Italy (Marche region) by the artist Pasquale Martini.

The most recent Roberto Alborghetti exhibitions (“Colors of an Apocalypse – The Decomposed Publicity Posters“) took place in the impressive Rocca Aldobrandesca (Tuscany, 2012-2013) and in the medieval monumento f St. John Baptistery, on Lake Como (2015), with a great response from visitors and media.

His most recent projects are: “Contemplations and Lacer/actions” (album, videoclip, installations, inspired by Thomas of Bergamo Scripts (1563-1631)); “Lacer/actions on Aluminum” (11 installations for Fai private collection); “Atelier of colors and emotions”, which involved children with disabilities (Autism Spectrum Syndrome); “The Ghost Bus: A visual adventure in the Land of Robin Hood and Tuscany” (2015-2016, in collaboration with Bartons PLC and Act Group, Beeston, Nottingham, UK). During 2015 he began a collaboration with fashion designer and artist Mitrani Yarden for Hopes Project”.

Art critics and experts said that Roberto Alborghetti’s art has an “exceptional and evocative dynamic”, “a strong power of language”; he shows “new points of observation that overwhelm canonical trial systems”, ” He breaks the current patterns of visual art.” Alborghetti’s Artworks “are explosions of color, passion, joy, sorrow, story, emotion, beauty, love…”, “They touch us on the raw and go straight to the heart”, ” a provocation to our eyes and to our mind”.


Noor Blazekovic

Miami, USA


Noor Blazekovic is the founder Publisher/Editor at large of IRREVERSIBLE Projects, Exhibitions and the Magazine. She is the co-founder and Project Director of GIANTS IN THE CITY, an international monumental inflatable traveling exhibition and exchange program. Noor obtained her M.A. in Communication Studies and also has a degree in art history. Hailing from Venezuela, Noor has worked in TV production and the publishing industry for over 20 years working “outside of the box” to attain a biggest impact. She has been an internationally successful journalist for more than 25 years.


Catie Carey

Denver, USA


Katie is an artist, designer and writer in Denver, Colorado. Since graduating from the University of Michigan in 2009, she has been the ceramic artist-in-residence at multiple institutions across the US including Byrdcliffe in Woodstock, NY, the Genesee Center for Arts and Education in Rochester, New York and the Rochester Folk Art Guild.  She has an active studio practice in ceramics and is currently trail blazing with Artwork Archive, an online tool that helps artists get organized, manage their career, and grow their business.


Pablo Duarte

Miami , USA

Pablo Duarte pic

Pablo Duarte lives in Miami and is the founder of Art Business Collection or ArtBCo, a global marketplace for curated art. Pablo has over 13 years of experience in the management consulting, banking and insurance industries working for diverse companies including McKinsey, Bain, Credit Suisse and RSA Insurance Group. He earned an MBA with distinction and a Masters of Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University in New York.

During his tenure as management consultant Pablo led multiple cross-functional teams in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific where he gained a solid understanding of their markets and economic sectors. Most recently, Pablo was responsible for intermediated sales and strategy at RSA Insurance in Latin America. While there, he focused on developing new business models to accelerate revenue growth. He is a strong believer of new trends such as the shared economy, data analytics and digital innovation which are reshaping the way companies operate today.

Pablo’s expertise in assembling disruptive business models combined with his passion for art has now led him to focus on the art industry. Through his findings, he has gained a profound understanding in the areas of art as a new asset class and the ever-changing online art industry.


Rodrigo Ghattas

Lima, Peru


Rodrigo Ghattas (born 1989 in Lima, Peru) is a Latin American multi-disciplinary artist working mainly with Sculpture, Installation and Interventions with an emphasis on the natural space. Also he is the Founder and current Artistic Director of Machaqmara Center for the Arts. Graduated in Fine Arts in the field of Sculpture (2013) from Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. Ghattas has exhibited in local and international group shows in countries such as Thailand, U.S.A and Peru. His first solo show named “Identidad diferida”, a sculptural installation, took place last year at Centro Colich Gallery (2015). Moreover, he has been invited to participate in group shows in the Zhou B Art Center (Chicago, IL-U.S.A) and the Museo Internazionale Italia Arte (MIIT) (Turin, Italia) for 2016 season. At the moment he is currently working on his new artistic production “Estorbo” to be shown next August in the CC. El Olivar, Lima.

“Time is a two-way street in which humans find themselves in the open.” – Rodrigo Ghattas. His art practice travels between site-responsive installations, allegorical-sculptural objects and between creative writing that often involve a reinterpretation of natural elements and forms based on a search for self-knowledge and full awareness of his surroundings. Ghattas’s work investigates the physical sensation of the space in the Landscape, trying to reveal the connection between Nature and Human Being within Time in its various manifestations.


Sergio Gomez (Founder)

Chicago, USA


Sergio Gomez is a Chicago based visual artist. He received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Northern Illinois University. As an art student at Governors State University, Sergio was recipient of the Lincoln Laureate Medallion Award given by the Lincoln Academy and former Governor of Illinois Mr. Jim Edgar. Sergio’s work has been subject of solo exhibitions in the United States, Italy, Mexico and Vienna. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Spain, Sweden, Mexico, Korea and the US. His work can be found in private and public collections of the National Museum of Mexican Art, Brauer Art Museum, and the MIIT Museo Internazionale Italia Arte among others.

Presently, Sergio Gomez is the Director of Exhibitions at the Zhou B. Art Center, Director of Art NXT Level Projects (formerly 33 Contemporary Gallery), co-founder of Art NXT Level®, founder of Amplified Art Network, contributor for Italia Arte Magazine, founder of VisualArtToday.com. In addition, Sergio is an Art/Design faculty at South Suburban College and Creative Consultant for Idea Seat Marketing and Advertising.




Renee LaVerne Rose

Chicago, USA

ReneeACS Logo

Renée LaVerné Rose is founder of Arts & Cultural Strategies, Inc. family of companies (ACS Magazine, ACS Gallery and Arts & Cultural Strategies Consulting Division) mission to provide a rich culturally rewarding experience to the general public, act as a catalyst to fostering collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders and increase corporate sponsorships/endorsements.

ACS Magazine www.acs-mag.com

The ACS Magazine was launched in September 2015. The ACS Magazine provides our audience with a front row seat and a behind the scenes view of the Art World’s inner workings with its colorful players and diverse cultures that are enriched from these creative minds. ACS Magazine is a part of the ACS family of companies.

ACS Gallery www.artsandculturalstrategies.com

ACS Gallery is housed a one of the most diverse art communities and distinguished locations in the Zhou B Art Center/Museum (www.zhoubartcenter.com).  This rich artist community makes in-person visits a unique opportunity and culturally rewarding experience. Renée LaVerné Rose is founder & curator offering artists exhibition opportunities, curatorial projects, and artist residencies. The gallery exhibits an eclectic mixture of creative mediums, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and digital prints.  The gallery explores a blend of internationally known to local emerging artists.  This fresh range of eclectic artistic styles is inviting for our guest and culturally rich.

ACS Consulting Services www.artsandculturalstrategies.com

ACS provides quality consulting services that will ultimately create a significant economic impact to amplify international cultural exchange & exhibitions, increase visibility for artists, nurture artists’ communities globally, and act as a catalyst to foster corporate sponsorship/endorsements that are in line with the philosophy of ACS projects.

Luis Martin

New York City, USA


Luis Martin is an Artist working out of Brooklyn New York. He created the term “Art Engineer” upon receiving his Bachelors of Fine Art from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. “I created the term to expand my reach as a visual Artist,” states the Artist. Through this monocle he is able to use his art practice as a point of departure to become a cultural maker, entrepreneur, community builder and shaman.

Luis Martin started his career in the arts while still a teenager through a string of positions in museums that included the Los Angeles County Museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art, El Museo del Barrio and MOMA in New York. Currently Martin keeps a studio at Brooklyn Brush Studio where he is also the Director of Programming and the founder of Parenthesis Art Space. Above all Luis Martin is an Artist, this is what informs and strengths the many roles he holds. When asked about his practice Martin explains “I create what I want to see in the world- magic, beauty and tribe. I see my practice of art making as an act of alchemy”. This sentiment is at the core of all of Luis Martin’s endeavors as Artist and Entrepreneur.


Anca Negescu

Bucharest, Romania


My name is Anca Negescu. I am an art gallery owner and curator. My gallery is located in the center of Bucharest, Romania and it shows mainly Romanian contemporary artists, both established and emerging. I obtained my BA in foreign languages at the University of Bucharest and my MBA at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies. My entrepreneurial experience developed fast as I started early with my own translations office and then various extremely successful marketing and management projects. Yet I felt that I was not doing what I was supposed to do, and that something was missing.

That is when my passion for art and beauty and my desire to do something that adds value to my society by offering ‘food for the soul’ pushed me out of my comfort zone. I took numerous art history and art management courses both in Bucharest and at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London.  After two years of intense preparations, I opened Artfooly, The Slice of Art Gallery, which has grown beautifully. In its one year of existence, we have had mostly solo shows, many enjoying extraordinary media and public success. One of the shows we proudly presented was the world premiere of “The Atlas Of Beauty,” a photographic project by Mihaela Noroc, which has become the most media-featured Romanian artistic project in the world.


Alba Soto

Madrid, Spain


Alba Soto holds a Ph.D. in Fine Arts and is a practicing artist. Her training combines visual arts and performing arts, specializing in interdisciplinary and performative tools for creating and teaching practice. Since 2007 she has been a university professor and has been coordinator of the Project Area and the Degree in Fine Arts from the University Nebrija. She has taught seminars in international universities such as Kymenlaakson University of Applied Sciences in Finland, UCA University for the Creative Art in England, Hochschule für Künste Bremen in Germany, Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia, etc. Alba Soto has participated in numerous international festivals and exhibitions with works of video, performance and drawing.

“It is essentials for me to breathe changing artistic disciplines; I often change from drawing to scenic work, feeding off video and painting as well. Expressing myself with only one practice drains me, just one way of communicating gets me exhausted. Therefore, my speciality relies on the variety of processes and flexibility of technics. This alleged dispersion concatenates a particular universe, that relates to each other. It takes part of a coherent and simultaneous narrative underpinned by intuition, spontaneity and surprise as strategy for survival.

My performative universe start from my surrounding reality, I use the most intimate experiences and images to explore and to heal them through the scenic action and the direct contact with the space and the audience, it’s constantly  changing. These experiences, questions and desires; are constructed in a symbolic way and ritual with inevitable irony dyes. While, my pictorial universe has the opposite process, it generates images that come from subconscious impulses; a kind of rattle mood, spiritual and dreamy that when it’s finish I analyze to understand.

I use my work to produce a change of patterns. I wish to find myself as I am, I look for possibilities a search of this freedom trying to distance myself from artifice. I reclaim my own prerogative to express myself, I reclaim what I am with the greatest possible frankness and I always listen the voice of Emily Dickinson whispering “I live in possibility”…”